President Alger & JMU Board of Visitors
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According to collegefactual.com, James Madison University is ranked #2.386 when it comes to ethnic diversity. Based upon testimonies from minority students here at JMU there is a lack of diversity and feeling like they are not equally included in campus activities. Activities such as Greek life, clubs, classroom involvement and so much more. Students have brought their concerns to the attention of many faculty members such as President Alger and to the Student Affairs faculty. However, there has not been an active acknowledgment on behalf of President Alger.

We, as concerned students on behalf of the student and faculty of JMU call for a formal statement to be released by President Alger and the Board of Visitors acknowledging the racial discrimination on this campus. After addressing the injustices within the JMU Community, we aim to assert any/all concerns with the President and Board, thus leading to the encouragement of equal opportunities as students and individuals within society and the institution. James Madison University claims to promote equality and we aim to call to action on the deficit of attention.

Objectives for Change:
-Allocate funds for any/all black organizations.
-Confront Pres. Alger for a response in taking accountability for the lack of support and participation.
- Educate the community of continuous micro-aggressions, stereotyping, prejudice, and racism.
-Encourage advocacy.

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