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Alderman Burnett and Taxman Corp.
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Alderman Burnett and Taxman Corp. are planning a community meeting at 6pm on 2/26 at the Merit School (38 South Peoria - corner of Peoria and Monroe) to discuss the proposal of a 22-story apartment tower to be built on the southeast corner of Green and Madison (just behind Mariano's).

Simply put, we do not support a 22-story building west of Halsted as this building height fails to preserve the neighborhood feel of the West Loop and goes against prior 'Near West Side' plans.

This is NOT the same development that was approved in 2011, but instead a change in the original plans as the developer is now seeking approval for residential vs. the original plans for a hotel (which was to bring jobs to the community) and building 22-stories which would be the tallest building west of Halsted.

Critical items that residents should be aware of:
* A 22-story building would be the first building over 12-stories tall west of Halsted.
* By not voicing your opinion you will be agreeing to a different, more congested West Loop that will change the neighborhood feel of the West Loop as it currently exists west of Halsted.

For reference and history for the vision of the West Loop, please click link below - "Near West Side Plan - Part 2." See pages 57-59 as it clearly illustrates how this 22-story building will go against what the West Loop community and developers have adhered to the for last 12+ years.


The West Loop Community Organization (WLCO) voiced its concerns about the new proposal: "we would not approve that height."


This petition is not against new building and development in the West Loop. In fact, we encourage further development of the West Loop - but strongly feel that development should adhere to what all developers and owners have honored for over a decade. This petitions stands for:

* Maintaining the momentum of the West Loop as it has been progressing for the last 12+ years and keeping height restrictions in place for development west of Halsted.
* Showing Alderman Burnett and the developer that we, the residents, do not support a 22-story building.
* Supporting a 12-story building that would adhere to the look, feel, community, history, and legacy of the West Loop.

The West Loop is a very special place. Protect it signing this petition to show you you are in favor of a 12-story development (max height). Let's voice our concern and speak our minds about the significant congestion, overcrowding and new precedent that a building exceeding 12-stories would bring to our beloved neighborhood.


Pass this along to everyone that you know in your building or immediate vicinity as we work to build critical mass and be heard as a residential group.

We, the undersigned, would like to preserve the West Loop according to the 'Near West Side Plan' per cityofchicago.org and restrict the Taxman Corp. development located at Madison and Green Streets to 12-stories.

We do not support the proposal of a 22-story building at that location.

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