#Neighborhood Living
Frederick County, Maryland, Commissioners
United States of America

The neighbors at 2505 Underwood Lane, Adamstown, Md, 21710, have refused to mow their lawn for over two years in clear violation of HOA rules and regulations. In some spots, the grass has grown to over a foot in length.

Additionally, they’ve further degraded the appearance of the home by placing unsightly items in the front yard to include: chaining a lawn mower to the front tree; a large patio table with plywood top chained to the frame to prevent movement; rusty steel firewood pit.

Their refusal to maintain their property in accordance with the HOA bi-laws has adversely impacted the property values of those in both the Saddle Ridge and Green Hill Manor communities.

We, the undersigned, call on the County Commissioners to force the home owners at 2505 Underwood Lane, Adamstown, Md, 21710, to mow their lawn and to maintain their property IAW the HOA bi-laws for which they legally signed and agreed to obey.

If they continue to refuse to be responsible citizens and neighbors, then we request the Commissioners hire a contractor to mow and maintain the lawn and to take whatever legal measures necessary to force compliance.

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