Madeleine Szabo
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A coalition of neighbors in the NW quadrant of Carlsbad on the border of the NE quadrant has initiated a grassroots campaign to save some of the priceless natural lands of Carlsbad. These natural lands are a key part of what makes this such a special place to live, but many of the spaces are under immediate threat of development.

We need to preserve the best of what we have left- places like the rolling hills, creeks, trails, and open land all around Rancho Carlsbad (the horse farm is being demolished). Places where we, our children, and future generations can reconnect with nature, take a bike ride through rolling hills, take a quiet walk or hear the sound of a creek or the call of a bird. Open space gives us a high quality of life and preserves our property values. It is good for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

We have initiated this campaign to petition the City Council to rezone the open space as open space or, at the very least, low-density housing. Please sign the petition and help make that happen.

We need to encourage the city council to follow through on the voters' mandate as they revise the city's general plan.

I support the campaign to preserve natural open space in Carlsbad.

I urge the Carlsbad City Council to preserve as open space the Sunny Creek Plaza (the lot at the corner of El Camino Real and College Blvd. extension), to continue in perpetuity the open space zone for Rancho Carlsbad golf course, and to uphold the zoning restrictions for current properties (for example, it was unfortunate that the Carlsbad Council approved exceptions to zoning regulations on the Encinas Creek Apartments - allowing higher-density and greater building height).

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