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Ever since Disney took over Power Rangers (abbreviated PR) back in 2003, much of the fanbase has been lost.
However, this year's season of PR (Abbrv: PRJF) has managed to draw back in some of the old fanbase that was alienated during the switch.

PRJF (Power Rangers: Jungle Fury) despite the fact that it is a children's show, is rich with a great cast, superb acting, and complex, subtle, elements that would be a shame to let fade off into a DVD set and a brief cross over with the next season.

We the undersigned believe that fan interest in PRJF has not yet run its course, and that the fan base would certainly be receptive to more. It seems a shame that such superlative work is limited to a 32 episode series when there is still so much interest in the storyline, and potential for future installments.

We feel that continuing with the themes and storylines involved, much as has been done in previous seasons with past-season crossovers and movies would be of great interest to the fanbase at large.

A simple glance at any of the many fansites dedicated to Power Rangers demonstrated the passionate and heartfelt backing the show has acquires in such a relatively short space of time, and it would be sad not to capitalize on that momentum, given the drastic rise in returning and new fans with this season.

This is why we, the undersigned, petition for a Movie based on Jungle Fury. In the past this action has shown to be very worthwhile to the PR fandom, and we believe it would be just as profitable this time.

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