#City & Town Planning
Hong Kong citizens, residents and visitors
Hong Kong

Too much of old Hong Kong has already been lost to developers.

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) shows no interest in listening to District Councillors or residents of local communities.

Soho in Central Hong Kong is one of many areas that continues to be under threat of demolition by the URA. We hope to petition the Town Planning Board to demonstrate the universal objection by residents and visitors to the area and convince them to reject the URA's proposal for increased development in the area.

The URA's proposal is referred to as A/H3/435; a cryptic titled intended to confuse and distract those with any interest in the project.

We, the undersigned, call on the Hong Kong Town Planning Board to reject the URA proposal a/H3/435, for further development of Soho in Central Hong Kong.

1. There was much less development in the area at the time the URA first proposed this development.
2. Private owners who still own properties in the area under attack by URA have done their own renovations and do not need the URA to do it for them.
3. The only properties with any advanced deterioration are those owned by the URA.
4. The District Councillors unanimously rejected the URA plan and formally requested that the URA give up on their plan for redevelopment in the area.
5. The URA is supposed to be regenerating life back into old and dilapidated areas where there is no alternative means of renewal. Soho is NOT one of these areas in need of their help.
6. The URA continues to mislead and lie to the Town Planners with reports, plans and drawings that are fabricated to support their proposal.

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