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My name is Kathy K. Jones and I am an advocate for children and women who fell victim to sexual assault. I am the field operation manager for the LegalInjustice Committee, a civil/ human rights organization located in the state of Georgia. I am a female and the proud mother of two beautiful girls, Kate and Dion.

I am asking the public to join the LegalInjustice committee by signing this very important petition, seeking justice into one of the most if not the most brutal crime in recent United States history to be committed against women and children on United States soil. At the hands of law-enforcement officers whose duty it was to protect citizens.

On the afternoon of March 02, 2010, a horrifying incident occurred. Investigator/ Private Detective Shellielle Youhoing-Nanan, a young mother, was brutally attacked in her home by a battalion of law-enforcement officers (all males), from the Clayton County Georgia Police, Sheriff and Animal Control Divisions. After targeting and terrorizing Ms. Youhoing for hours. Law-enforcement backed by swat team, kicked off the front door to Ms. Youhoing’s home without a warrant and assaulted her severely. Ms. Youhoing was about five months pregnant at the time of the invasion.

But despite knowledge of the young woman’s pregnancy, officers tortured Ms. Youhoing, held her repeatedly at gun point. She was sexually assaulted not once but (4) four consecutive times while in police custody while her two hands were handcuffed behind her back. This senseless crime occurred in the presence of the victim’s children, a teenage boy and a four year old girl. But the abuse did not end there. Officers took photos of Ms. Youhoing naked in custody. They later posted articles calling Ms. Youhoing a “Whore” and sent phonographic pictures to her e-mail.

Most grievous of all, two EMS technicians were deployed to the scene to transport Ms. Youhoing to the hospital, due to injuries sustained while in custody. Rather than helping the victim. Both technicians joined law-enforcement in committing further acts of sexual assault against Ms. Youhoing; by taking her into her bath room and made her expose her private area while in custody. In those horrifying moments, Ms. Youhoing begged the technicians to transport her to the hospital but they were too busy assaulting her. They pay no attention to her plea. By the time Ms.Youhoing finally arrived at the hospital hours later. She started hemorrhaging and the fetus did not stand the slightest chance of life.

The technicians later admitted to officials that they witnessed Ms. Youhoing bleeding from the vagina while in custody and also that she was begging them to transport her to the hospital earlier, but they declined.

We also learn that while waiting at the hospital, the fetus exited Ms. Youhoing’s body and was laying on the floor. Hospital personnel quickly disposed of the fetus remains without documenting is and also refused to report the death to law-enforcement. Despite this fact, the doctors stated in hospital record that Ms. Youhoing was still pregnant and was diagnosed with “Threatened Miscarriage”Even though the fetus was was no longer inside of her..

Ms. Youhoing was also released from the hospital that same night to the Clayton county jail in critical condition; in a pool of her own blood. She was given no food, water, medical treatment or a place to take a shower for days. Forced to inhale the odor of stale blood from her miscarriage on her person for days. She barely survived the deadly attack against her life.

Ms.Youhoing was framed by the prosecution and was prosecuted for almost two years on false fabricated charges in which she won in Dec. 2011. The Clayton County Police, Sheriff, Animal Control and District Attorney covered up these crimes. This is Un-American. Last week the LIC mailed letters to the United States Government asking for investigation into this serious “crime against humanity”. Please join the Youhoing- Nanan family and the LegalInjustice Committee, calling upon the Government to insure that justice is served in the murder of Baby Glorious Angel. He would be two years old today.

Ms. Youhoing is a kind and loving person. She has dedicated her life to helping people. She is the founder of the Clayton Children Foundation Project a charity organization providing services to thousands of needy Children and their families. Please sign the petition.

For more information about the Clayton Children Foundation Project, please visit www.lifachildrenfoundation.org


To: The United States Government.

This correspondent contains information concerning assault and battery upon a pregnant woman, sexual assault, human rights violation and the brutal killing of an unborn child .

Just imagine the impact it would leave on your family if you are a pregnant woman or the husband or relative of a pregnant woman; You and your love ones are looking forward to the birth of a beautiful and healthy baby, Then suddenly your family is targeted; not by criminals but by law-enforcement officers. The next thing you know, your front door is kicked in by swat team even though your family haven’t committed any crime. Your wife has been held repeatedly at gun point, sexually assaulted, photographed naked in the presence of the children, your unborn child has been brutally murdered and your wife ends up in prison. This mayhem would undoubtedly change your life forever.

This is exactly what happen to the Youhoing- Nanan family who are law-abiding Citizens of the United States. Those who know private investigator/ detective Shellielle Youhoing- Nanan, describes her as a sweet loving and beautiful individual with a big heart. Ms. Youhoing does not have to know someone to help them. She goes out of her way to help strangers. But her life has changed drastically on March 02, 2010.

In the United States, Law-enforcement officers are charged with a duty to protect citizens, especially females. Ms. Youhoing is humiliated beyond belief. It is difficult for her to show up at public events. Her family still wonder to this day, how could these brutal crimes be committed on United States soil and goes unaccounted. Are law-enforcement males in the United States allowed to hand cuff a female two hands behind her back. Sexually assault her and allowed other law-enforcement to do the same and get away with these crimes?. Law-enforcement even yelled at Ms. Youhoing and told her to keep quiet when she was been abused sexually. She was not allowed to cry. Most frightening and humiliating of all, the whereabouts of naked photos that were taken of Ms. Youhoing while in custody are unknown. The Sheriff department informed Ms. Youhoing that the photos were taken by a Sergeant using his private cell phone while on duty.

The Youhoing-Nanan family is worried sick, not knowing when and how will these photos be used against Ms. Youhoing. Law-enforcement has covered up this crime, until present there is no investigation. This is a desperate plea to the United States Government to intervene and insure that an investigation is conducted into the murder of an innocent unborn child. Including the attempted murder and brutal assault committed against Ms. Shellielle Youhoing. As a nation of law, we cannot allow these crimes to happen to another female in the United States. We as United States citizens need the help of our government.

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