#Civil Rights
Greenwood Community School Corporation
United States of America

A senior at Greenwood Community High School in Greenwood, Indiana has filed a lawsuit via the ACLU against GCHS due to a prayer at the 2010 graduation ceremony. The student made the case that it was against his Constitutional rights, while in fact - it would be taking away the prayer that would violate the Constitution.

The Class of 2010 voted on a prayer, which was the democratic way to organize such an issue. The class voted "yes", and the select student decided to take a stand against it.

In no way would a prayer be intended to harm anyone - only wish the Class of 2010 well. Many seniors feel that their right to a traditional ceremony that they've been looking forward to for 12 years of their life is being taken away. It is easy to say "good luck" to someone, as it occurs all of the time. However, when one takes the special initiative to call you out and say a prayer for you to any God they so desire, there is an added sense of care and concern for all.

The Class of 2010 has worked hard to get where they are today and deserves the right to govern the ceremony in a way that they choose, which includes a prayer that has already been voted on.

We, the undersigned, call on Greenwood Community High School and the corporation it falls under, to continue to fight for the Class of 2010's right to a graduation ceremony the way they choose. They have previously voted on having a prayer and therefore, they deserve to have a prayer.

We also call that the ACLU re-think their lawsuit, as this act goes against not one, but over 250 other students' rights.

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