The White House
United States of America

Pray4POTUS believes that, at this time, our country and our constitution is in peril, and it requires assistance from the same divinity, which inspired the founders, to be called upon at this time to protect our American way of life.

Pray4POTUS desires to create a movement of citizens who will pray for the man who holds the most important leadership position in the world that his decisions, actions and policies will be guided by God and will honor Him.

We, the undersigned, pledge to pray for the President, and with thousands of others of like intention, wherever we might be, will bend a knee on July 4th 2019, Independence Day, at 12:00 p.m Eastern Time and pray for God to bless the President of the United States with wisdom, guidance and protection as he leads our great country. "We're praying for you Mr. President!"

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The Pray4POTUS petition to The White House was written by David Tanner and is in the category Patriotism at GoPetition.

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