#Residential Disputes
American transmission Company
United States of America

I believe the power companies should have to pay for the trees they remove that are not or will not be endangering there lines for years. they are required to do annual inspections and maintenance. so i believe that the trees should only be removed are ones that are an immediate danger. if they choose to remove more than that they should be required to pay for the trees at replacement value. i think that they should not have the right to come on to my property and deface the value of it by removing trees that in 20 to 30 years might be tall enough to damage there equipment.the goal of this petition is to try and protect others from what happened to me.

My trees are gone not to much can be done about them.the thing about the company that removed them (american transmission company www.atcllc.com) is that they claim to be green company.

what i'm looking for on this petition is to make the power companies responsible for defacing property value on property they do not own. An example of this is removing more trees from property then is necessary. i would like to see have to pay for the trees and decreased property value caused by there actions.

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