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Jerry Bruckheimer, director, and Disney

We, the fans, request that Jack's original crew of Mr. Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti, Mr. Cotton, Marty to be included in future Pirates of the Caribbean movies.


This petition is not affiliated with Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer, the director, writers, cast or crew of POTC movies.

The petition represents the viewpoints of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie fans from around the world.

Thank you.

Dear Pirates of the Caribbean Fans,

It is with great disappointment that Jack Sparrow's original crew is not included in future Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Since the news of a 5th POTC movie with Johnny Depp has been reported, it is of the utmost importance that this petition be presented to Disney.

We are thrilled to know that Mr. Joshamee Gibbs is still alongside Captain Jack, but we also would like to see Marty, Mr. Cotton, Pintel, and Ragetti as well.

We strongly feel that the mere presence of these beloved characters helps to keep the continuity of the movie and also keeps the personality of Jack Sparrow grounded, as it were.

We are asking for your e-signature to assist us in our goal for the future Pirate of the Caribbean movies. We plan to present the e-petition to the movie director, producer and Disney.

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