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Ever since the game The Sims came out
people all the way from Alaska have been writing programs that open new
possibilities. Now that the game has
been out for quite some time there is
almost nothing an average pc gamer
can't edit about the game. Macintosh
users aren't so fortunate though. They
have only a few tools while pc users have many.

Macintosh users are limited to Simshow, a tool for previewing skins, Namer, a tool used for converting PC skins to macintosh format, Farsight, a tool for viewing and extracting files from
.far files, and Farmaker, a tool for making far files. All of these tools are pretty useful although we still miss out on a big part of editing the game. I mean macintosh users can't edit or create objects without the sluggish VirtualPC. So If you want SimFreaks to port this program to Macintosh sign this petition!

I am a Macintosh user who wants SimFreaks to port or find someone to port this program, Edith, from Windows to Macintosh enabling Macintosh users
to create their own objects without the use of VirtualPC.

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