#Consumer Affairs

The fine people over at www.simfreaks.com have put together a program that surpasses all sim-editing programs before it! They call it Edith.

There have been many programs before it such as The Sims Transmogrifier or TMOG. There are also smaller programs like MenuEdit, FarSight, BodyWarp, Facelift Gold, The SimsEdit, and many others! So your probably wondering what this petition is for. Well, as you might expect programmers of the sims utilities are all Windows OS programmers! The Macintosh users of this world are pretty disappointed that there are no sim-object editing programs available for the Mac disappointed users! So hopefully I will get enough votes to convince the people at www.simfreaks.com to port their wonderful program, Edith, to the Macintosh world.

So Please Sign, But Only If You Use Macintosh.! Hopefully this will show them that it is much wanted! -Adam the Mac skinner from http://steffanssims.pxdesigns.com/

I am a mac user that would appreciate it if the fine people at
www.simfreaks.com would please port Edith to Macintosh OS so that the
Mac users can edit The Sims objects just like everybody eles!

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