Nintendo, Nintendo of America, D3 Publisher, and Sandlot

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success, with 7 million units being sold as of October 29, 2017. With the switch showing no signs of slowing down, it would make sense to release more games for the hybraid Console. With this being a clear opportunity for game developers to make a decent profit by selling the games on the switch. Sandlot's shooter Earth Defense Force 2017 and 2025 would be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Earth Defense Force 2025 sold a large 154,689 thousand units in Japan alone, making it the number one game in Japan and with the game getting positive reviews. Even though Earth Defense Force sold only 0.08 million units, it still was given positive reviews from reviewers. Just think of how much fun it would be to play these two games on the go, plus it would perfectly fit the Nintendo Switch's main idea of playing together with friends since it already supports 2 player out of the gate. Also with rate at which the Nintendo switch is growing, the switch could be a major market to expand into with the sales of the console doing extremely well.

We, as gamers and fans of the Earth Defense Force series ask Nintendo, Sandlot , and D3 Publishing to port Earth Defense Force 2017 and 2025 onto the Nintendo Switch.

Thank you

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