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Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Councilman Carl Stokes, All Related District 12 Public Servants
United States of America

"A city that isn't growing is dying,"and our beloved city, The Greatest City on Earth (Baltimore City) is slowly becoming a ghost town. As we all should be aware of our population has drop from 950,000 in 1950 to 621,000 today. It is estimated that 20,000 vacant buildings and lots take up space, and more than one house in eight is vacant.

Just last year, authorities indicted 48 members of the Black Guerrilla Family gang, accusing some of violence that includes 10 killings. Law enforcement alleged that the gang operated around Green Mount Cemetery, on Oliver's western border. As a direct result of this shrinkage, along with our ever present systematically, repressive educational element, compressed tax bases, increased crime, unemployment, tight municipal budgets and abandoned neighborhoods- crime has taken its toll. In fear of the safety of our children and loved ones we end up taking our families to different communities for fun, safe indoor activities, and thus taking our money elsewhere.

However Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants to attract 10,000 families to the city within a decade. "Our city officials, like most people, love to reap where they never sowed, city officials alone determine which depopulated neighborhoods are worth saving; what blocks should be torn down and rebuilt." Yet they demand a rent of its most neediest citizens in the form of involuntary compliance with the waste of our hard earned tax dollars spent on ineffective programs, insufficient resources to operate and sustain the few remaining programs that actually effect positive change, and certainly little to no access provided to our current families who would certainly benefit the most.

New housing provides jobs for construction workers and gains investors more capital for further development. However, much of the cost of increasing human habitat is borne by those who already live in the area: their taxes must increase to subsidize population growth. With a shift in priorities, maintaining and improving existing buildings could provide as many jobs as new construction provide. Many economists say that business needs a growing population to be successful. But in reality, money buys things, not people. For example: if you want to do well selling shoes, one Imelda Marcos is better than a whole bus filled with reality stars of any of our own modern day minstrel shows. The number of feet to wear the shoes is irrelevant if they have no money to buy them. Business doesn't need more people to prosper, business needs people to prosper more. Just like our city!

We, the concerned citizens of District 12 & friends of these East Baltimore Midway neighborhoods insist, that by the end of 2014, the members of the Baltimore City Council, and all Maryland Legislators unite to produce an anti-poverty package that includes the immediate sale of all vacant and degraded properties along the 2100 block of Homewood Ave, at a price not to exceed $1 for each blighted property to Our Legacy Inc. in partnership with the local neighborhood association, as well as allocate $500,00 to revitalize these drug invested havens and give rebirth to well designed and well managed open spaces that are safe for people to access and enjoy.

Teaching and promoting the importance of the environment in which residents live must be a main focus for all community investors involved. As the philosopher and revolutionary communist Karl Marx stated “The rent of land not only varies with its fertility, whatever be its produce, but with its situation whatever be its fertility."

This much needed relief aid package will set the framework for immediate social, and economic reforms for Baltimore City families, to render social protection more adequate and sustainable for all those who reside in zone 18, to sharpen and invest in people's skills and capabilities, and to support them throughout the critical moments experienced in their life.

This initiative will help to rid the Eastern District and its surrounding communities and businesses of the increased crime, poverty and despair, and instead will help to rebuild a once flourishing city and enhance the quality of life for it's residents and neighborhoods.

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