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Polygamous Marriages

Muslims are calling on the Federal Government to allow polygamous marriages!! http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/programguide/stories/200806/s2285283.htm

Sign this petition to call the Australian Government to refuse the request for polygamous marriages.

Polygamous relationships:

  1. degrade women to the status of cattle: "Treat women well, for they are [like] domestic animals (awan) with you and do not possess anything for themselves.” [The History of al-Tabari, Volume IX, pg 113.].
    They are classed among possessions (Sura 3:14) and are to be used like a field for her husband's desires (Sura
    2:223). Wives can also be traded (Sura 4:20).
  2. treat women like dirt: (Sura 4:34 - men are better than women and wives are to be devoutly obedient to their husband and have fewer rights. Muhammad’s most beloved wife, Aisha, said “O womenfolk, if you knew the rights that your husbands have over you, every one of you would wipe the dust from her husband's feet with her face.” [Al-Hashimi, M., The Ideal Muslimah, (1996), chapter 4].
  3. abuse the rights of women:
    Muhammad said that the silence of a virgin indicates that she wants to marry (Bukhari, Vol. 7, Hadith No. 67 and many other references). Such a consent is not true consent and is abuse.

    Muhammad married a 6-year-old girl (Bukhari, Vol. 7, Hadith 64). She was still playing with dolls when Muhammad
    consummated the marriage when she was nine years old (Muslim, Book 8, Hadith no. 3311).

    Ayatollah Khomeini said that marrying a girl before menstruation was a “divine blessing” and that girls should be married before they menstruate (Taheri, 1986, pp. 90-91).

  4. destroys security of women:
    Islamic law allows Muslim men to have multiple wives provided they treat
    them equally (Sura 4:3). But later in the same chapter (Sura 4:129), Allah
    tells Muslims that they can never treat their wives equally.
  5. destroys the security of children:
    In the case of divorce, the children are likely to receive far
    less they they should because their father must support many other wives and
    children. Do not let Muslim men/fathers put the financial burden on to the
    Australian community via social security payments.

Islam also teaches that women are deficient mentally and spiritually (Bukhari, Vol 1, Hadith 301); therefore her witness is worth half a man's (Sura

We, the undersigned call upon the Federal Government of Australia to steadfastly uphold the illegal status of polygamous marriages by refusing to legalise, tolerate, or recognise polygamous marriages and to terminate government financial support or assistance for successive wives and/or children of such marriages.

We also call upon the Federal Government of Australia to recognise the inherent discrimination against women caused by polygamous marriages as unequal partners in the marriage and the disadvantage the victims (wives and children) face after divorce, including the extra burden on society.

We call upon the Federal Government of Australia to actively prosecute illegal marriages; those convicted should either be deported to a country that permits such marriages or jailed in accordance with Australian law.

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