Police Minister New South Wales

Craig Thomson was the head of the Health Services Union from 2002 to 2007. His job was to look after the interests of his members, particularly their financial interests.

Instead we now know that a union credit card issued to him was used to pay for escort agency services. We know that because he admitted it on radio 2UE on 1 August, 2011.


In the case of the union’s credit card being used to pay for escort services, there are only two possible explanations.

One – Mr Thomson did it.

Two – Someone knocked off his card, then knocked off his licence, then forged his signature.

Then when that $2,745 bill came in as a result of scenario two he just authorised it for payment. Didn’t ask what it was about. Didn’t investigate.

The NSW Police must be involved in this investigation in either case. In either scenario conduct is worthy of investigation.

On 22 August, 2011 Shadow Attorney General Senator the Honourable George Brandis SC sent a letter to the Commissioner of Police in NSW calling on the Commissioner to investigate the allegations against Craig Thomson.

The NSW Police are currently assessing the material in Senator Brandis's letter.

Senator Brandis's letter to the Commissioner is here


We call on the New South Wales Police Force to investigate the allegations against Craig Thomson.

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