Rugby League Followers in Papau New Guinea
Papua New Guinea

Why is the PNGRFL Board not endorsing the Qld cup license for PNG to participate in the QLD Cup Competition? The QRL have granted entry of a team in 2014 but the board are considering knocking it back because PNGRFL have been very slow in responding.

We have struggled to compete competitively with other nations and the gap seems to be widening. Our participation is such elite competition will give our local boys to perform at the higher level.

The QRL and NRL might not give us another chance if we let this one go. The hard work and funding putting in my the government and the sponsors must be materialised by PNGRFL Board endorsing PNG’s participation .

We the undersigned want the PNGRLF Board under Don Fox to convene an urgent board meeting to endorse PNG’s participation in Queensland Cup next year.

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