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According to NAPS (www.pms.org.uk), the Greek Physician Hippocrates first described pms/pmdd over 2000 years ago. Despite this early observation, relatively little clinical attention was given to it until 1983 when NAPS was formed to help sufferers and clinicians gain a unique insight into the condition(s).

The National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome works tirelessly to try and raise awareness of PMS and other hormonal conditions but more money is required to further understand these conditions and in turn provide better treatments and support.

The Aldris Support and Network Group would like to raise awareness in the UK and abroad about PMS, PMDD and any family connection of hormone problems such as thyroid disease and thyroid nodules as well as atopic nature, hayfever, asthma, as well as skin and food sensitivities.

The Group needs to raise awareness so that money will become available for further research.

Please sign this Petition to help secure funding towards further research into hormone problems and the effects on the body.

This will allow better treatment to become available for those who require it.

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