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Dear MOH, you have recently come out with one of the most horrific laws to date - to force anyone who is unvaccinated to pay for their ART tests every day from 1st of Jan 2022 and they won't be able to return to their workplace without a negative ART test kit.
This is as good as taking away EVERY chance out there for healthy unvaccinated Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans to continue to earn their living.

Along the way, I will put forth what I feel the MOH has come out or fallen SHORT in their responsibilities to us Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans.
MOH, are you responsible for not being accountable to heart inflammations or a myriad of other ailments - which range from regular seizures to weekly sore throats or colds and deaths - as a result of totally healthy individuals with no underlying conditions, who listened to YOUR advise to get vaccinated?

And this is also AFTER you have started to penalize the unvaccinated making it difficult for them to support local food establishments and to the extent of disallowing the unvaccinated entry into shopping malls without a negative ART test result (valid for 24 hours only).

So first of all, I would like to ask our local SG government - mainly the Ministry of Health and its subsidiaries like the Health Promotion Board - who value upholding responsibilities over our own personal health freedom - some pressing questions.

Post-vaccination and with a cardiac arrest, you easily come to conclusion that Moderna or Pfizer has nothing to do with the heart attacks or deaths (ref: the Straits Times). The conclusion was so fast that we the laymen reading the news felt as if no post-mortem had been done.

How are heart inflammations considered minor side-effects if the vaccinations already cause ir-repairable scarring, given that scars do not help but hinder the originally optimal performance of a human heart before the vaccination shot number 1 and 2?

Why do some totally healthy get compensated and some do not (those who had heart inflammations or cardiac arrest after their 1st or 2nd covid19 shots and NEVER had any underlying health issues when they were still alive)? How do you explain this?

Do you feel responsible for the deaths of immuno-compromised Singaporeans who trusted their advise to go ahead with the covid19 shots/boosters?

How are you responsible for the many people who are very allergic to mosquito bites and could be at death's keel if vaccinated? There are currently about 113,000 unvaccinated Singaporeans. How are you responsible for them?

Are you then conscious about how your current vaccine mandates impacts others? Those who would be admitted to the ICU even when they have eaten eggs or beans that they are allergic to.

MOH, do you feel responsible for putting Singaporeans' lives at unnecessary inconvenience where comfortable health or healthy comfort is concerned?

MOH admits that Singapore is being the most crowded country in the world without giving a thought that the covid19 virus or any other virus for that fact lays on ANYTHING - even walls and ceilings, your umbrellas, bags, shoes.

MOH, are you aware that viruses like the covid19 lay around surfaces even if the country is not crowded?

For your information, you sanitize an area but the area may not stay covid19-free for long. They are like dust, they settle everywhere.

This explains why a certain Hong Konger later turned Singaporean PR doctor caught the covid19 despite never ever being in close contact with anyone with the virus.

For your information, the covid19 virus lays dormant on many surfaces until given the right environment to penetrate red blood cells and finally to infect and cause health discomfort that resembles flu.

This goes on till the infected person has trouble breathing, because he/she has not done anything right to reverse the environment that is originally im-penetrate-able.

Take for instance river fish placed into a sea will die but it may stand to survive and thrive if you placed the fish back into its river. We - or rather, the medical authorities - had not changed (or figured out how to change) our body's environment ENOUGH to make it like the sea where the river fish would be dead in no time.

Where is that responsibility in educating Singaporeans to "help change our body's environment so that no ricer fish can live in sea water"?

So it isn't so much of an issue of overcrowding in Singapore, MOH?

If it was, then stay-at-home alone would have easily curbed covid19 infections, wouldn't it?

Are you also being responsible for skewing vaccination statistics by putting and considering anyone who has died within 2 weeks of getting a covid19 shot is "unvaccinated"?
Is someone manipulating the figures and redefining what "vaccinated" means?

Case in point is that those vaccinated with the 2nd shit but not outlived the first 2 weeks after 2nd shot is not considered vaccinated nor "fully vaccinated" to enter shopping malls.

MOH, why is there no information that vaccinated lactating women who breastfeed their children could be passing on some unknown stuff into their mammary glands which in turn changes the content of mother's milk?

Why is such information hidden? Have you not read about 5 month olds losing their lives because they were only drinking their vaccinated mother's cows' milk?

Some literature say that nothing in vaccine solutions affect the content of mother's milk. While others say yes, antigens from vaccinations are being passed to mother's milk.

What is your take on this, MOH (you have been quite silent on this in the media)? If not passed to mother's milk, what is the point of being vaccinated?

If antigens from vaccinations are passed into mother's milk, why are mothers not informed beforehand? If antigens are not passed into milk, there is no information on this from you too, MOH. But there has to be a reason why you initially delay vaccinations to lactating mothers.

MOH, do you add those deaths from vaccinated into "deaths from unvaccinated". If so, why would you want to do this? Add those deaths from unvaccinated and then blame those deaths on unvaccinated.

Why is all these done without considering that the vaccinated are better able to get infected with the Delta as well as to spread the Delta to others?

Why are you not punishing the vaccinated for possibly spreading Delta? You are not being fair, are you, MOH?

It is obvious to many that of course you can't penalize the vaccinated the way you do to the unvaccinated, MOH.

Because it seems to me that your scary idea in getting the whole nation vaccinated resemble some immature guy who loves to count his trophies every time a man beds a woman.

Why was it not the same when bronchitis and pneumonia killed billions of people every year globally?

Back then, where was your code red for this with face masks, stay home quarantines, etc? Where was your code red when SARS happened?

It just took you so long to realize that long ago we already had "endemics", viruses that will NEVER go away. It came across to me MANY TIMES that our government is either ignorant or not researching their work thoroughly enough to truly reflect before creating "protective measures" for Singaporeans and Singapore residents.

And you and I and everyone else reading this are still ALIVE despite you, MOH, not mandating any of these measures back then in times of SARS, that would otherwise inconvenience others, not being able to shop in shopping malls and affecting good and honest businesses while doing so...like now how it is. You affect so many people's livelihood and businesses.

MOH, do you feel responsible for causing our economic crunch to the point where hotels' weddings are cancelled because people are afraid to continue with their weddings during this pandemic? And also with a lot of other food and beverage establishments.

There is no instructions on how to get a vaccine exemption memo on your MOH website, only to say the details will emerge later.

Given that almost every adult who could walk, talk or slid or drag themselves across a room for a vaccination, are advised to take the vaccinations, I would like to know who exactly would get to be exempted?

Your REACH agency is "unreachable" with no response, probably they are overwhelmed by enquiries?

MOH, why do you keep giving statements that the current vaccinations are able to protect people from the covid19?

How would a new vaccination be protective if the Lambda has the super ability to keep mutating and getting stronger than the Delta and all other variances?

At least 3 studies have proven that the Lambda is vaccine-resistant.

Do you intend to, MOH, continue to mislead the people by suggesting that covid19 will evolve if people remain unvaccinated? That only vaccination is their only saviour, their only hope?

MOH, is it very responsible for you to ignore people's ethical and religious grounds?

People only obey because they don't want legal trouble with the government.

Aborted fetal lines are still of human origins in both mRNA and non-mRNA vaccine solutions. How are some of the religious groups supposed to accept these vaccinations hands-down?

Have you successfully violated the religious by forcing the covid19 vaccinations on the reason of responsibility over personal health freedom?

MOH, are you aware that those unvaccinated who had recovered from COVID-19 now have natural immunity towards covid19 or are you also ignoring this group of unvaccinated?

Police authorities would ask a computer hacker how they hacked the websites affected but MOH, you don't even ask why the Unvaccinated Healthy had been able to fend off the Covid19 for so long while their peers fall sick every week after their second covid19 shots, with some going on to test positive for covid19 despite being vaccinated.

I am one of these healthy Unvaccinated. I rarely / never get flu at all the past 25 years but only lied to get medical leave.

It seems to me that our own local scientists do not even have a single independent peer-reviewed study of our own proving safety of the mrNA vaccine solutions from overseas.
Isn't it deplorable that our income tax is used to import vaccine solutions that do little to help our health so much so that infection and death rates shot up sharply (if I am to believe the figures are not skewed) while certain governmental officers are laughing all the way to their banks because vaccine shares are are making them even more millions?

Not possible, you say? $30k pumped into plant-based company "BeyondMeat" shares earned an ex Wall Street trader US$392k in two short weeks (I have his name if you wish to know who he is) and this is only from normal stocks that is not vaccine-related.

Within months it is possible that some governmental officers (including ministers) are millionaires again in a few short months, because of the sale from BOTH vaccine shares and ART test kits are insanely lucrative, while making the ordinary citizens at the edge of losing their jobs this 1st Jan 2022, because their part-time income is the equivalent of a month's daily use of the ART test kit.

You have said the vaccinations are not mandatory but highly recommended by your advisories towards many businesses who casually suggested to this time: "You better get your employees vaccinated or else you can not continue to do your business in Singapore."

It is now of the same way, where you pretend not to force the vaccinations on the unvaccinated but make it convenient or even emotionally painful for the unvaccinated to stay unvaccinated.

You treat the nation of Singaporeans like cows who have no say in whether they can or can not receive antibiotics.

Are we the Singaporeans supposed to thank some people for treating us like a bunch of cows with no say, and to accept the unscientific and illogical reasons to be vaccinated no matter what the circumstances are because right now you are not even forthcoming in easily and conveniently allowing people to apply for vaccine-exempt status?
It is unethical and unconstitutional that such a vaccinate-or-do-and-pay-daily-for-your-ART-tests mandate should be passed into the law.
I and others hereby, politely request that the MOH rescind such a mandate before it goes into fruition on 1st Jan 2022.

(Thank you Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans for supporting this petition. References and links to facts and news will be added to the petition later if necessary.)

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