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We know that youtuber Grace Randolph was very supportive for the Snyder Cut and we thanks her for that but that can't change that she's a problem to all the next DC movies (except for Snyder) by spreading fake leaks and rumors. She's making full videos filled of leaks which spoil all the movie plot and by engaging into argument with the directors on social medias, she gave a bad publicity to the directors themselves.
How would you feel when you work for one year on a movie to see someone spreading fake things on internet and harm on your work ?

This petition is to ask Grace to not call the DC directors on social medias, we also want her to not make videos about hypothetical leaks before the movie came out. Grace, make your review video WHEN the movie is out, not before and DON'T reveal leaks on your vids.

To anyone who is reading this, I ask you to do this methods :
1) Block Grace on twitter please (click on the 3 points on her twitter account and select « Block @GraceRandolph »)
2) With any webblocker addons/software that you have (or install one) block her youtube channel url

We can't give her clicks and money if she harm those peoples :( the only way to make her understand and reflect on her actions... is this, to not give her clickbait.

Please Grace, look at how you are at your best when you support something with good sentiment, don't harass those directors and go on personnal vendetta like you did with Margot Robbie, you don't know her, she owes you nothing and YOU owed her nothing.
Grace don't harass and leak movie stuff about James Gunn, Cathy Yan, Patty Jenkins, Andrés Muschietti, Matt Reeves, Ezra Miller(!) and Ava DuVernay, please.
The DC actors, directors and fans already suffered enough, Warner is already a massive brake
to the flourishing of DC in theaters, don't be another drawbake, we can't let you interfere more.

Share this everywhere and sign please.


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