#Roads & Transport
Fresno, CA
United States of America

South Villa Ave between Butler Ave and Lowe Ave is in desperate need of expansion and of additional parking. South Villa Ave is the only street where parents of Ayer Elementary students can pick up children after school is released. All grades levels First through Sixth are dismissed at the same time everyday.

Effective August 2009, Recreation (after school program) is no longer available therefore children can no longer stay after school. Meaning, parents of close to 700 students will be picking up their children at the same time in a very narrow, unsafe street and putting several children in danger.

There is only 1 side of the street were parents can park on; the other is a dirt field with deep pot holes and broken glass. Although parking is prohibited on the dirt field, parents have no choice but to illegally park there in order to pick up their children.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Fresno to widen South Villa Ave between Butler Ave and Lowe Ave and Create More Parking for Ayer Elementary Parents and Students.

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