#Fishing Rights
Hawaii County Council
United States of America

The Hawaii County Council has decided to take on a Bill to simply put a fishery out of business in a round about way under the guise of Animal Cruelty. They can not regulate the fishery aspect, and decided to tackle the land based businesses.

This bill requires ONLY aquarium fish be shipped in a gallon of water, does not allow for purging prior to shipping and gives the Humane Society the authority to regulate what they decide as recklessly transporting of fish in the county.

This has nothing to do with animal welfare, it is about shutting down a fishery... one by one.

We the undersigned,call on the Hawaii County Council to not support Bill 318.

We have read and understand Bill 318 and do not support it.

This bill is written as an animal control bill regarding aquarium fish but its design will virtually eliminate the fishery and cause severe financial impact on local families.

This is the intention of the design; putting unreasonable standards of practice into place so that the businesses selling fish can no longer operate.

We are against the County Council directly or indirectly trying to shut down or impact any fishery in State waters.

Please vote "NO" on Bill 318.

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