Dr. Christopher Loomis, President and Vice Chancellor, Memorial University

The Psy.D.is a four year program designed to provide comprehensive, high-level training in the practice of Clinical Psychology that will help to address not only the regional need for well-trained doctoral level Clinical Psychologists, but also the need reported across Canada for such professionals (see website for more details: http://www.mun.ca/psychology/graduate/psyd.php).

While the inaugural class has been guaranteed that our studies will not be halted, we have been notified to the possibility that additional classes may not be accepted in the coming years due to lack of funding. Not only is this disheartening to those professionals who have devoted more than a decade to the program’s development, but this decision would have serious repercussions for students across Canada who are interested in pursuing a doctoral program in psychology, and the people of this region.

The Psy.D. program is the first and only English-language program of its kind in Canada. Cancelling this program will eliminate the possibility of studying Clinical Psychology in Newfoundland, and will be a step in the wrong direction for the practise of Psychology in Canada.

We, the undersigned, show our support for the continuation of the PsyD program at Memorial University, and believe this program is an asset to the psychological community.

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