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Keeping a local family living locally. After being promised a 4 bed new build from Salix then it falling through due lack of funds, then not being offered the 1st 4 bed that became available. We live in a 2 bed on whit lane estate and have local family friends links also local schools and playgroup, this all seems to count for nothing anymore.

We are at present only entitled to a 3 bed for 14 months until my daughter is 5 then they expect us to move again to a 4 bed. When they could just move us into the 4 bed and we wouldn't have to move again, we play a big part in our community and really don't want to have to leave in 14 months time. Sadly our overcrowding needs will force us to.

Please show your support and sign my petition to show Salix and Salford Homesearch that us as a family of 6 living in a 2 bed should be entitled to move into 7 Parsons Field which is a 4 bed, After being promised a 4 bed on the new build and this now not happening.

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