#Neighborhood Living
Rochambeau Library
United States of America

Material has recently begun to circulate within the adult section of the Rochambeau Library (including within the magazine section, a section which is highly visible to visiting children) promoting homosexual and lesbian content, often of a semi-pornographic erotic nature. Most visible to be seen in the magazine section was the homosexual magazine called “Out!” which had upon the front cover two homosexual men kissing and caressing in an abnormally-erotic fashion (the February 2017 issue), that was easily visible at the time (a new Out! magazine issue has just arrived to cover that February issue up) to children and teenagers who lounge around the magazine section, and also highly offensive in general to the traditional family-values-adhering heterosexual majority of the surrounding vicinity, where there is a substantial
Bible-believing religious population, including many Orthodox Jews.
The Rochambeau Library is located at :
708 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 272-3780

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We, the undersigned, are sincerely concerned citizens who respectfully urge (in the consideration of all moral civility and true functional enlightenment)that the family-values-supporting-majority be justly favored in this socially-rational request, and that the Rochambeau Library of Providence, Rhode Island, USA please remove as promptly as possible the offensive homosexual and lesbian-promoting materials in question, which have recently begun to circulate (not that long ago) among the library materials at the time in which this petition is being drafted on February 24th 2017.

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