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Missouri Department Of Conservation
United States of America

There are several biological reasons why this is needed. Bobcats and Badger are at the most prime during this time. With the exploding raccoon populations, Fur Harvesters are called upon to service more and more land owners. These two weeks are desperately needed to allow the Fur Harvester to accomplish this. This two week addition to the current season would allow for a greater biological impact on the resource by the Fur Harvesters in the field.

We the citizens of Missouri, would like for the fur bearer season to be extended two weeks for all species of furbearers.

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The Please reinstate the two weeks at the end of the furbearers (Nov 15th- Jan31st) portion of the season petition to Missouri Department Of Conservation was written by bobby Wheelbarger and is in the category Law & Order at GoPetition.