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I want Sega Nintendo and Namco to have so much money. Sega, Nintendo and Namco if bought by Microsoft would make a dominating gaming force unlike any other.

Using Microsofts money they can make massive selling games; think of Shenmue 3 selling as much as halo 2, which sold 6.3 million copies in less than 2 months, imagine Shenmue 3 on Xbox 2 selling 6.3 million in less than 2 months plus on Xbox 2 it would sell even quicker as Shenmue 3 would be way better more than 8 times bigger or more than Halo 2, yes thats including the rest of the chapters and the end of the saga.

After Shenmue 3, AM2, Sega, DigitalRex can make other huger projects even bigger than Shenmue 3 imagine sonic team, AM2 Sega, DigitalRex together in one game like cool real life looking characters going into sonic theme parks, with sonic games in arcades and at home like a big master ambitious game, and Shigeru Miyamotos team also involved making Mario, Luigi, Wario and Rares team making Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Blast Corps 2 all in one game, as like you see the realistic characters playing the made Xbox 2 machine and playing Mario, Blast Corps 2 plus Sonic and Mario blimps in the special theme parks, made game shows like actually showing other xbox 2 games to buy, adds in many places like perfume adds, to make the places look more realistic like companies like General Motors, movie adds like I Robot like on the side of a train.

I'm not saying turn the game into an add but make it sell well so other games will be made quicker and better, plus all this having internet functionality, imagine talking about an in game funny tv add on one of the Plasma screen tvs, like Panasonics Plasma tvs, also another add man this game would sell.

We want Microsoft to buy Sega Nintendo and Namco. Just give them an offer. We like you Bill Gates please do this!!

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