Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA)

For close to twenty (20) years The Pirates Alley Cafe, located at/on Pirates Alley next to the St. Louis Cathedral, has operated as neighborhood bar, and in the past several years, has also come to be known as a tourist spot vital to the alley it sits upon.

On Monday June 13th, 2016 at 1 pm in Council Chambers on Perdido St., there is to be a hearing to determine if Pirates' Alley Cafe can continue to operate as a bar, and obtain it's bar license, or lose the business entirely.

We need you signature, to show the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) how much the Cafe' is liked, vital to an otherwise dark area of the Church and Jackson Square. Locals, Tourists, as well as many, many guides of groups, photographers, weddings, and more use this one spot due to it's cleanliness, it's historic nature, the wonderful staff, and owners , who put a lot of effort into making ANY of their guests feel like they are " home " here in New Orleans.

We need to justify WHY Pirates Alley should remain a bar and obtain the zoning they need at this meeting.

Dear Members of the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA)

We, the signers, do request that you please move in a positive direction, and permit The Pirates Alley Cafe' on Pirates Alley, Jackson Square, New Orleans, to continue to operate as a full bar.

Pirates Alley is a valuable asset to not only the tourist community, but to the locals, and immediate neighbors, both business and resident alike. Pirates Alley has operated as a bar for a minimum of 20 years, if not more. It is vital to the area upon which it operates.

Key Facts about Pirates Alley and it's Benefits:

1: The cafe' is an asset to the community and an iconic tourist attraction

2: The cafe' provides a safe environment and has never had any problems, providing safety in an otherwise dark alley, while people walk to and from the Square towards Royal and Bourbon or vice versa on their way home from work.

3: The Pirates Alley has NEVER had a kitchen or served food, and the space that is there, does not allow for one, nor for the storage of large amounts of food.

4: Their is no live music, noise is minimum, and so there aren't any noise ordinance issues here as well.

Pirates Alley provides a wonderful spot for tourists and locals to enjoy New Orleans as it should be enjoyed. They are excellent neighbors who keep the alley safe. The businesses around them have vouched for them. Most importantly (and this is what matters most to New Orleanians and why tourists flock here) is that it is a community, that also hosts Krewe Events, Wetlands Events, and contributes hugely to other New Orleans, and Louisiana endeavors.

We cannot allow the disappearance of some of our most vital establishments. We cannot. Please consider the points made, as well as any comments from those who think you should allow Pirates Alley to continue, and permit their zoning for a full bar. so we do not lose one of the few places left in the French Quarter that is appealing to both locals and tourist alike.

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