#Social Housing
Government of Canada

Carruthers Road Co-operative is a housing Co-operative located in Georgetown, Ontario CANADA, whose Membership is made up of private local business owners, retired persons, immigrant families, single parent families, disabled persons, working families and single working people.

A full one-half of our Co-operative Units are subsidized while the other half pay full market rent. We are guided by the Corporations Act and work within our own Co-operative By-laws.

CMHC (The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) is the government body that is responsible for aproving funds and making decisions on upgrades and renovations for our cooperative.

We have been waiting for approved retrofit funding for over a year and to date there has been extremely limited movement from CMHC on this issue. In the meantime, we continue to suffer from existing health and safety issues and added degradation of the building. Without a resolution our community will face a housing crisis!

Please help us to show the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation that all Canadian communities value good quality social housing like the Carruthers Road Co-operative.

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