#Local Government
Western Cape Government
South Africa

The Western Cape Provincial Government is planning to force us from our land which we have owned for over 50 years. We lost a portion of our land to the apartheid government, now in the new democratic South Africa, we are set to lose everything. This expropriation will totally destroy what is left of our property.

My grandparents bought the land now known as Adamsvale about 50 years ago. We managed to acquire and hold onto our land through the apartheid years. This land is our heritage. It is home to several families and the source of income for my parents. It is too the resting place of my grandfather who is buried on the property.

If the local government continues with the planned expropriation, they will be destroying everything that is of value to us. Whilst compensation will be paid, it will be nowhere what is needed for us to re-settle ourselves.

The local government is adamant that the land is required to relocate a road but would this be the case had our land been situated in an affluent area elsewhere in South Africa. The answer is clearly NO. Other alternatives would be found.

We are asking you to please stand with us by signing our petition.

We need your support.

We, the undersigned, call on the Western Cape Government (South Africa), to stop the planned expropriation of land within Adamsvale Paarl.

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