Ron Sanders (President of Warner Home Video)
United States of America

Not only are us fans upset over the hit show, The Secret Circle's, cancellation, but we are distressed over the fact that Warner Bros. does not plan on releasing a season 1 DVD.

After 80,000 fans have signed petitions, topics have trended on Twitter, 325,000 coins were sent to ABC Family, thousands of dollars were raised for Make-A-Wish, and so many more Save the Circle campaigns have exceeded expectations, they should realize that there is a huge following behind the show. If our show cannot be revived, we should have a DVD to hold on to forever. After all, The Secret Circle has been voted to be the most missed show of this season's cancellations!

A season 1 DVD would be a very special item to all fans. Sales would not disappoint, especially considering the the cancellation of the show. The bloopers, special features, and deleted scenes that it would include would only make it more appealing to the many viewers of the show.

Lets get The Secret Circle season 1 to DVD!

We, the undersigned, ask Warner Home Video to please release The Secret Circle season 1 on DVD, whether it be a normal DVD release, limited release, or limited quantity boxset release.

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