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The new HTC Windows Mobile Phones come with a great new and handy user interface (TF3D).

The bad thing is, that it is almost not configurable anymore. This means: Old devices were able to show better and more information through installing plugins. (e.g.: Birthdays on Home screen).

Now those plugins don't work anymore the way they used to, only if you turn of TF3D which makes you lose all the good and new things giving the phone a worse user interface than the old devices.

We, the undersigned, ask you kindly to give us customers back the possibilities of using today plugins for the HTC Windows Mobile phones with TouchFlo 3D by providing a software update.

The phones and TouchFlo 3D are great, but with no possibilities to configure the Home Screen of the phones (e.g. show todos or birthdays through a plugin on home screen), all the new things are almost useless and a step back compared to the older HTC Home.

If the plugins are not possible, then at least give us the possibility of configuring the Home Screen a bit by an ability of defining those variables in the settings:

- Use large or smaller clock (small clock already exists when collapsed, should only be able to make it as default)

- A number x of Birthdays to show coming up in the next y days (so the x closest birthdays within the next y days will be shown)

- A number x of Tasks to show sorted by prio or date

- A number x of Appointments to show coming up in the next y days

Thank you for the support.

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