House of Representatives
United States of America

Dear Honorable Members of the US House of Representatives:

There are many good aspects to HR 3370 as amended, but there are also real problems that will impact me and my community. First, it doesn't make any sense to start raising rates without knowing what impact that will have. Please complete the economic impact study before you start charging me more for my coverage.

Second, it doesn't help if you cap increases based on "averages." Look at the math. My premium could go up 25% and my neighbor's premium could go up 5% for an average of 15%. That still makes my premium double in less than four years - and I CAN'T AFFORD THAT.

Finally, please don't make second home owners and businesses pay an extra 25% per year. Second home owners are a very important part of our real estate economy, contributing more to our tax base than they require in support from our local governments.

If they stop buying second homes here, my taxes will go up, and I can't afford that. And if businesses pay more, rents and prices will go up on everything I buy, and I CAN'T AFFORD THAT.

I, along with other undersigned parties, petition the Honorable Members of the US House of Representatives:

I respectfully request that you fix these problems with amended HR 3370 and pass a bill that brings real relief for me and my neighbors while helping NFIP move into the black.

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