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While new houses are being built, contractors are digging up side walks and roads in attempts to fix underground plumbing and pipes while permanently damaging the NYC streets.

After their renovations in one specific area the merely patched sections being worked on leave the rest of the streets filled with bumpiness, rockiness potholes and uneven pavements.

After some time these patched sections begin to erode similar to the rest of the road creating more damage to the streets causing major car damage such as improper wheel alignment, control arms of the wheel axle become damaged therefore creating overall axle damage which leads to long term damage.

Due to these problems many accidents are caused.

We the citizens of New York are calling on our elected city officials to take a stand against the improper handling of our roads.

As citizens we feel that it is necessary that all roads once being worked upon, in any shape or form should be properly paved and repaired completely not just small patches.

We also need theses streets to be properly maintained appropriately for long term use, instead of a temporary fix.

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