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We, the parents of RP Connor Elementary School, want you to know that we NEED our support staff in order for our students to succeed. We know how lucky we are to have the quality of education provided by the Ramapo Central School District and that cutting any of the programs or faculty in any of our schools will be a loss. However, the socio-economic population of our school is different from the other elementary schools in our district.

We have a large population of non-English speaking students. And, we need extra support to insure the academic success of all our students. Our staff is very important to us and our school would not be the same without them. The difference they make in the lives of our children is immeasurable. It’s not just job they do, it’s who they are!

Denise Kane, our 21C coordinator, has created a nurturing environment for the incoming pre-k families with a pre-k Play Group. She coordinates homework club for students who need a little extra help with their studies as well as coordinating an incredible after school enrichment program that expose our children to sports, the arts, and others activities. She strives to improve our school with original and educational programming and goes above and beyond.

Joe Lofberg, our gym teacher, isn't JUST a gym teacher. He is the spirit of our school and a role model for our children. He was a comforting reassuring face in what was a very difficult time for everyone, particularly the children after Jamie Erlich died. Our kids need him! This can’t happen to our community!

Marianne Walsh, our social worker, has helped our children navigate through the many challenges they face with programs like friendship group, banana splits, as well as help students with personal issues. This is not a part-time position!

Nancy Sullinger, our kindergarten assistant, is a staple in kindergarten. A former teacher, Nancy brings her experience, creativity, willingness to help and a positive outlook to every child with whom she has the pleasure of working.

Jaclyn Heeley, our librarian, has created programs that encourage our children to read and explore. She guides them and makes reading fun.

Julianne Ross, our IT Facilitator, continuously challenges our students with the latest programs and multi-media learning tools.

Our literacy aides: Larissa DeBrock, Cindy Carey, Andrea Westerkon, Arlene Schuchman, provide support for our teachers and help students keep up.

Nancy Moskowitz, lunchroom coordinator, makes sure all of our children are fed and kept safe during lunch and recess.

We, the undersigned, call on Dr. Adams to find another way to close the deficit in the budget. We can't lose these teachers.

Who they are to us and what they provide for our children is more than the job title they hold.

We urge, please find another way.

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