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Right Honourable David Cameron
United Kingdom

From its conception the Muslim Brotherhood has been a cesspool for terrorism. Even their founder El-Bana has called them “not Muslims” and “not Brothers” because of their violent ideology.

Qutbism the bloodthirsty terrorist ethos which was founded by a key MB figure Sayid Qutb has been the main ideology behind worldwide terrorism and terrorists, such as Bin Laden and his Lieutenant Al-Zawahiri and their terrorist organisations.

Ever since their President was deposed on 03/07/13 they have resorted to violence to re-establish their dominance; killing approximately 200 hundred people and setting off a number of bombs.

We think they are a terrorist organisation because:

Their violence have resulted in the death of 200 people since 30/06/2013

They have terrorized peaceful protestors when their leaders made threats against peaceful civilians.

One of the MB leaders, Safwat Hegazy, made threats at protesters saying they “will chop their heads” and Mohammed El-Beltagy said that “the violence in the Sinai peninsula will only stop if their demands are met”.

They have justified terrorism when Essam Elerian another MB leader has justified the Boston bombing by linking it to the deployment of Troops in Mali.

They have been prepareing for terrorist acts when Ex President Morsi pardoned 570 terrorists some were convicted in high profile attacks on innocent civilians.

Their past is soaked in the blood of the innocent. Let us not forget the hundreds that were killed at their hands and the hands of offshoot groups, including the 57 tourists that were killed in the El-Deir El-Bahari massacre.

The UK has already put 5 of their descendants in the list of group promoting terrorism so we ask of you to add the Mother of modern terrorism to the same list.

We ask that the British Government do not support the Muslim Brotherhood, to enable the governmental apparatuses to deal with that group effectively saving more bloodshed and to respond more positively to the Egyptian people's popular will in ousting ex-president Morsi.

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