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The British Council has suddenly decided to close the British Council Library which was there in Alexandria for a very long time. It offered the service of borrowing books which is a unique service in Alexandria and is provided by only one or two places.

It was an extremely depressing move by the British Council as it will deprive its faithful member from borrowing books and using the library. It is a good thing for the BC to add new service but why close the old ones? We hope this petition convince the BC that we don't want the library to be closed.

Dear British Council Director,

We are totally disappointed by your decision about closing the British Council Library in Alexandra and we believe that this is the worst decision the British Council have taken since moving from the other branch where there was a learning centre.

I hope that you listen to members who have been in love with the place, the garden, the design and everything. We used this library for ages, the only library that offered the service of borrowing British novels and DVDs in Alexandria. We are astonished because of your decision. Not only us, almost all visitors who were regular visitors of the library are in a state of shock.

We believe that you should regard the views of the members; we think you should respect our opinions. What is wrong with doing whatever new services yet keeping the old ones?

We would love it if you review the decision again, and we would really appreciate it if you changed your mind about closing the library.

We want to sign this petition to show you how much we are in love with the British Library.


Those who really love the British Council Library

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