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We, the fans of The Secret Circle, are dismayed at The CW Network’s decision to cancel the series after only 22 episodes.

Ending the season with an average of 0.8 in 18-49demo and 2.06 million viewers, TSC remained The CW’s third highest rated show, and second highest scripted show. Despite having received several 0.5 during its final weeks, the show began to bring back its audience, with finale ratings of 0.6in the demo and 1.23 million viewers.

In addition, we have seen the DVR numbers for the May 3rd episode. The show received a 0.4 demo increase (total 0.9) after DVR +7 ratings were added. This was the highest demo increase for any network television show the week of April 30th. Though DVR ratings do not support advertisers the way live viewing and same day DVR views do, the +7 ratings prove that fans of the show were not “lost,” but watching in a way that wasn’t beneficial to higher ad rates.

We believe the +7 ratings, coupled with the show’s season average, help justify the argument that a nightswitch, as opposed to a cancellation, would have been a better choice for the show and network.

In addition to the numbers, many fans were not aware that TSC was in danger of being cancelled or of how the ratings system(particularly DVR views) works. We believe if more fans were aware that TSCwas on the chopping block, they would have come out in support of the show and the network would have seen a demo increase before the finale.

We know that TSC has a strong fan following, in addition to its fresh-faced/talented cast and serious potential in terms of a season 2 story line. This is why we believe TSC deserves a spot on network or cable television.

We, the undersigned, support a un-cancellation of this series, or pick-up by another network.

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