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In a world were hatred seems overwhelming, you have Joel and Sheila Hammond, who have been together since high school, have a beautiful intelligent daughter, live in a beautiful home in Santa Clarita and are a wonderful example of a loving family.
Ok, Sheila is a zombie, Joel killed a Sheriff, Abby their daughter blew up a fracking site, but they always have each other's backs.
They only kill bad people, and never just for fun, and again they are always there for each other.
Eric their next door neighbor has found confidence and swagger with the love and tutelage of the Hammond family, his mother is now free of her horrible dirty Sheriff husband, Tommy now embraces his love of birds and killing only bad zombies, Ron has no fear and has friends, and Jean will live to see her grandchild, all because of the Hammond family.
We want to know what will happen to Mr. Ball Legs, will he find love? Or is he possessing Joel?
Will Abby and Eric end up together? Will his mom, Lisa, find love? Will Rick and Joel make up? Will Gary keep working with Joel and Sheila?

Joel and Sheila are shining beacons of love in a crazy world!
Keep love alive, keep "Santa Clarita Diet"!

We the undersigned, call on Netflix to reverse their decision on the cancellation of "Santa Clarita Diet".

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