#Human Rights
US and Puerto Rico Government
United States of America

For years Endometriosis's patients have suffered from discrimination because the condition is only associated with infertility. We, the patients know that this goes beyond not being able to have children.

Endometriosis is a condition that affects every stage of our lives. To has endometriosis is to suffer from disabling pains that makes you to be constantly absent from school, college and work. These pains are accompanied by bleeding which makes us have virtually no social life. Unfortunately, because we look good in our exterior, people think we're faking or doing this to capture attention. This leads us to lose personal relationships and even our work because no employer support or understand us. That is why we need government help.

If endometriosis is declared as disabling condition, our school and college days such as our work will be protected (notice that I keep saying condition there's no cure for endometriosis). http://abcnews.go.com/Health/endometriosis-linked-ovarian-cancers/story?id=15759613

We, the undersigned, call the USA and the Puerto Rico Governments to declare Endometriosis as an incapacitating condition in order to protect patients' rights.

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