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Over a year ago Marvel decided to kill Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) and now they are going to replace him with the alternate universe (AoA) version (Kurt Darkholm). Like most fans I do not agree with this decision and I believe it's time to bring Kurt Wagner back.

Many other characters in the Marvel Universe have been killed and brought back again. Why can't Marvel have the same level of respect for the fans of Kurt Wagner?

Marvel,We respectfully request that you reconsider the decision to remove Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) from the Marvel Universe and replace him with Kurt Darkholm. While Darkholm is a similar character he is simply not Kurt Wagner.

Please understand that Wagner does in fact have a large number of fans who miss him and would greatly enjoy seeing him in the pages of our comic books once again. The decision to replace Wagner has upset and confused us.

While we are loyal to Marvel we would also like to know that Marvel is loyal to the fans as well. Please reward our years of loyalty by bringing Kurt Wagner back.

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