Danville Parks & Recreation Softball League
United States of America

After careful study, research, and consideration, many of the players in the local league have come to the conclusion that teams should be allowed to hit their own ASA approved softballs in league games.

Since 2004, participation has steadily decreased each season. We believe that has mainly become such because of the quality of equipment ASA has required for their sanction, particularly the game ball. Scores, batting averages, and the overall quality of the game itself has become such that individuals and teams have started going elsewhere to play their ball games.

Though, the ASA rules state we must used ASA approved bats, we feel as though the Recreation Department has not done an adequate job of properly maintaining the softballs and the quality of the product has not been satisfactory to many of the teams and players in the league. If allowed to hit the softball of our choosing, the teams will conceed to a home run limit, consisting of either 8 or 5 home runs per game.

For teams that are not as financially gainful as others, they would be allowed to purchase softballs directly from the Office of the Athletic Director. We feel this change is very necessary for the continue existance and prosperity of the league.

We, the undersigned, ask the Recreation Department of Danville Virginia, to allow teams to hit the ASA approved softball of their choice, in league games.

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