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The Scottish government ferries contract is up for renegotiation and review. This contract prevents Northlink from having summer sailings to Norway, due to being a life line service. P&O used to run a summer sailing schedule quite successfully.

The review can be found at www.scotland.gov.uk/topics/transport/ferries-ports-canals/14342/review

This review states “as a general principle, no potential routes will be excluded from the review” and “this will include consideration of new routes and reconfiguration of existing routes” it also seeks to “maximise the opportunities for employment, business, leisure and tourism, and promoting social inclusion”.

Taking advantage of the unique position of the northern isles I think we deserve a reliable Scandinavian ferry link, helping to open business and tourism opportunities again. Any profits made on these sailings could be retained by Northlink to help fund the life line service.

We, the undersigned, call on the Scottish Government to allow Northlink to operate a summer sailing season to Norway as previously carried out by P&O.

We believe this would help retain our social, historical and cultural links with Scandinavia, while promoting social inclusion and helping reopen business and tourism opportunities for our Islands.

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