Antzzz and Fourmizzz Administrator

Please sign this petition---this plea!----for epsyllon to be unbanned, and to save yourself from future unfair bans of like manner.

Have you ever been harassed by another player on Antzzz? Did you threaten to have your army destroy their own if they didn't stop messaging you? Have you ever "blacklisted" someone, threatening to continuously attack them indefinately until they quit the game because they wouldn't stop sending you insulting messages? THEN YOU COULD BE BANNED FOR A YEAR if the person harassing you reports your threat!

How would you feel if you were banned suddenly and without warning when you NEVER cheated? How would you feel if you were banned, not for multi-accounting, not for hacking, not cheating in ANY manner, but banned for telling another player to stop harassing you or you will attack? How would you feel if you were banned because another player who was harassing you reports a threat of attack, but the moderators don't even contact you to get your side of the story? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO EPSYLLON!


-epsyllon has been playing since August 19, 2010.

-epsyllon did NOT cheat (moderators didn't accuse him of cheating either).

-epsyllon has been VERY helpful to the Antzzz community.

-epsyllon has supported Antzzz with real money through buying Option+ (buying premium features).

-epsyllon was harassed and so told the player harassing him to stop messaging him or he would continuously attack (with his virtual ants army) until the player quit. (NOTE: a moderator has written a very similar threat to the players on his "blacklist", but that moderator isn't banned).

-Moderators have given warnings instead of bans before to other players (even though the moderator said a ban could have been given).

-epsyllon was not given ANY warning for this FIRST offense of a "rule" (even though in the rules it states that moderators may give warnings).

-epsyllon was never even contacted by the moderators to give his side of the story (no chance for appeal before the ban).

-epsyllon was banned suddenly, for breaking a "rule" that a moderator and MANY other players have obviously broken as well---and they are not banned.

-Threatening pertaining to game-play is condoned in the "Help" tutorial of the game.

-If what epsyllon was banned for is truly a rule, then MANY (likely hundreds!) of other players must be banned for breaking the same rule (including a moderator).


1. Please sign this petition to get epsyllon unbanned from the game! AND to prevent such unjust bans in the future.
2. Please go to the following link, vote, AND comment in the thread about what your vote was.
3. Please follow this link as well, and join in on the discussion about all this!

The more players that get involved, the greater the chance that this wrong will be righted! Your voice CAN make a difference!

We, the undersigned, plea to the administrator of Antzzz to lift the ban from epsyllon's account.

We also plea for future cases like this (where NO cheating is involved) to be handled first with warning (not instant ban!), and that the accused party be given the chance to provide their side of the story.

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