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The Oak Ridge Boys deserve to have their new songs played on the radio.

The Oak Ridge Boys, are probably best known for hit songs such as “Y’All Come Back Saloon” from 1977 A year later, Paul Simon recruited the Oaks to sing on his million-selling pop smash “Slip Slidin’ Away.”, “Elvira”, from 1981, as well as several other number one and top five hits.

However, they are so much more than that! They are one of the longest-running groups in country music. They are also the only country quartet still touring. On Aug. 6, 2011, the Oak Ridge Boys fulfilled a lifelong dream when they were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Their induction came more than 70 years after the original version of the quartet (then known as the Oak Ridge Quartet) first appeared on the hallowed stage. On Oct. 25, 2015 they were inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Their music spans decades. They have won many awards. They are humanitarians and friends of Presidents. They endlessly tour around 125 dates or more a year (still), throughout the United States and beyond. During the Christmas season they do their yearly Christmas tour, which even includes a visit from Santa Claus himself, some of their Christmas songs are original, and they also sing some traditional favorites.

The Oak Ridge Boys are made up of Joe Bonsall (tenor), Duane Allen (lead), William Lee Golden (baritone), and Richard Sterban (bass) These four incredible men, bring to their fans, a family friendly show that rocks, with the most incredible 4 part harmonies. This quartet came together back in 1973 as a Gospel group, then they reinvented themselves as country stars with 1977’s. Their fans are very loyal, most of them have been coming to see their live shows for over 30 years, with one big difference from 30 years ago, now they bring their children, and grandchildren when they come to the shows, who have been raised on the music of The Oak Ridge Boys.

They put out new music almost EVERY YEAR! Their newest CD, 17th Avenue Revival released on March 16. 2018. 17th Avenue Revival calls on the throwback rock 'n' roll and Southern gospel roots of the Oak Ridge Boys.

Before that..

The Oak Ridge Boys’ It’s Only Natural CD was released through the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® exclusive music program, September 19, 2011. It featured a rerecording of the signature song "Elvira" along with six other hits, plus five new songs. In addition to the new CD, The Oak Ridge Boys are the newest members to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry®, the revered home of country music.

Before that in 2009 was The Boys Are Back, features re-imagined versions of songs by John Lee Hooker, Neil Young, and the White Stripes. The title song “The Boys Are Back”, was written for The Oak Ridge Boys by Shooter Jennings, son of Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter. They do also do the song “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes, Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker (in this song, the bass singer Richard Sterban takes the lead) and brings to us a most truly incredible version of this popular rock song, one that John Lee Hooker could never have imagined! Richard rocks out the house as he belts out the words of the song in his deep, vibrating voice, Beautiful Bluebird, by Neil Young, (featuring William Lee Golden), and Mama's Table by Jamey Johnson (the ACE, Duane Allen, takes the lead.).

Also more than worth mentioning would be a song from their album Colors, put out in 2003. The song, GI Joe and Lillie, (written by and features Joe Bonsall), in which he talks about his parents, who served in the military. This song has had over a million views on YouTube, so many people value it's message. These songs rock! This group rocks!

Sadly radio stations do not seem to want to play new songs by The Oak Ridge Boys.

We the undersigned consider this to be a travesty. How could this be? Music is timeless. It should not matter if the music is put out by a newer act, or an older act. The power of the music is in the song itself. For the radio stations to not play new songs by older artists is robbing their listeners of some very great music!!

These same radio stations over the years have played many “new artists” who have come and gone from the music industry, yet they won’t play The Oak Ridge Boys new songs, this amazing group, that is still going strong. Because of their longevity, they so deserve to be rewarded and so deserve to have their new songs played on the radio. The Oak Ridge Boys have millions of fans who would love to hear their new songs played on the radio. To learn more about The Oak Ridge Boys, check out their music at the following websites: oakridgeboys.com, josephsbonsall.com, williamleegolden.com, richardsterban.com . As well as on their YouTube channel - youtube.com/channel/UCu7FbLHkryjNAS8REUqxg0w , Facebook - facebook.com/oakridgeboys and Twitter - twitter.com/oakridgeboys

The Boys Are Back!!

We the undersigned, fans, friends, supporters, call on Radio Stations throughout the United States and beyond, to play The Oak Ridge Boys new songs.

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