Mr. M. Ozzer
United Kingdom

Please sign this petition to ensure that the fans of Mad Hatters Football Club can, once again, get to watch Goal Machine playing in his rightful position, upfront. The tyrannious Mr. M. Ozzer has used his authority to attempt to end Machine's career as a goal-scorer simply because Machine did not buy Ozzer a pint. When, in fact, it is instead the case, and has been proven in a virtual court of law, that it is, in fact, Ozzer who owes Machine a pint.

Please use your power to vote, and end Ozzer's dismal spell at the helm of the good ship mad Hatters, and thus enabling Machine to reclaim his rightful place in the team, leading the attack, and banging the goals in. As usual.

We, the undersigned, want to see Ozzer immediately sacked as the Mad Hatters' manager, and Goal Machine restored to the line-up.

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The Play Goal Machine In His Rightful Position! petition to Mr. M. Ozzer was written by Paul Jamieson and is in the category Football at GoPetition.