#Local Government
Rockbridge County Planning Commission, Lexington, VA
United States of America

There are limited options in Rockbridge County and the surrounding areas for dog owners to board their pets. There is no dog boarding kennel within 20 miles in any direction of the proposed kennel at Pine Ridge Farm located on Big Hill Rd in Rockbridge County, west of Lexington, Va.

Many dog owners would prefer to board their animals in a facility with indoor runs and outdoor exercise areas that is more like their home environment.

The owners of Pine Ridge Farm are willing to build a secure indoor dog boarding facility to be located on a secluded part of their farm not visible to any neighbors where dogs can be cared for in a more homelike environment.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Rockbridge County Planning Commission to approve a special exception to the zoning ordinance to allow the building of an indoor dog boarding facility at Pine Ridge Farm on Big Hill Rd, Lexington, Va.

The need for this facility is indicated by the lack of similar facilities in the county and surrounding areas.

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