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The United States is currently one of the world’s leaders in creating and storing nuclear weaponry. Billions of dollars have been spent to amass these destructive creations for over fifty years, and thousands of dollars more have been spent to protect these weapons and the military’s right to have and use them from lawsuits and legal challenges.

The United States has more nuclear weaponry than any other country in the world, and is the only country to have used this weaponry in a destructive offensive strike against another country. Huge areas of land have been sacrificed to build and test nuclear weapons, including entire islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are even incidents of nuclear bombs- creations of incredible destructive power- being lost and never recovered. But none of these costs can amount to the highest loss of all- the lives of thousands of people who have died at the hands of nuclear weapons, and the lives of billions of others who live with the threat of nuclear war every day.

Nuclear weapons are some of the most deadly technologies on the planet today. They have the power to destroy unimaginable amounts of land and property, as well as to literally vaporize thousands of people in a single detonation. The United States’ continued insistence on keeping these weapons ready for use is deeply troubling not simply because they could be a threat to foreign countries any time the President should feel like it, but also because our country’s collection of nuclear weaponry has served as a spark to light the fire of nuclear proliferation worldwide. Some of our countries’ greatest enemies, including North Korea, have already gained and are even now testing nuclear technology.

As long as nuclear weapons remain in the world, there can be no peace of mind for any citizen of any country, because there is always the threat of one wrong move igniting a war that could literally destroy the planet and everything we hold dear.

We, the undersigned, call on the government, namely the President and Congress of our United States of America, to draft and ratify a global agreement to gradually and safely phase out nuclear weapons technologies from the arsenals of every country, with the ultimate goal of a global elimination of nuclear weapons.

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