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Former UVA track athletes show our support of the Richmond Athletes whose athletic programs are being unfairly cut.

To whom it may concern –

The names of those listed here are former University of Virginia Track and Field athletes and others who have signed in protest of your decision to discontinue your men’s Track and Field and Soccer programs.

As former collegiate track athletes we hope you understand that our protest stems not only from passion, but also from a greater understanding of the difficulty and complexity of the decision you have been forced to make.

The realities of the finances of the University of Richmond athletic department and the constraints of Title IX are not for us to comment on, but as athletes we wish to remind you of this:

You asked these athletes, whose programs you are cutting, to make a commitment to you. You asked them to commit their time and energies to the benefit of not only themselves, but also your program, their school, and their communities. This commitment they were asked and in turn made, has affected their entire lives – Where they live, what they study, who they know and how they spend their days.

In return they have expected nothing other than the support of those who asked this commitment of them. It has now become clear that this commitment was made without reciprocity from your department.

We strongly urge you to remember your responsibility to the athletes of who you have asked so much of, and reconsider your decision to cut these programs.

Thank you for your time –
The University of Virginia Track and Field Alumni

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